Fully Managed IT

Are you spending more money and time on your IT each year while worrying about how to keep up with innovation? Would you like more peace of mind about how your setup can grow along with your business and how your expenses can be more reasonable, effective, and predictable? That’s where Fully-Managed IT comes to your rescue!

AMS can eliminate your day-to-day worries about expensive equipment and services and turn them into predictable monthly charges that fit your budget. We provide the equipment that you need, monitor it, make it secure, and keep it working. Our knowledge and expertise in cloud computing allow us to pass this advantage along to you and save you money through our managed services and partnerships.

Fully-Managed IT will help you take control of your IT infrastructure and services. You’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, security and minimize downtime. This will free up your IT staff to concentrate on becoming proactive with your IT strategy, rather than reactively managing daily issues and problems.

If you wish, we will help you start at the beginning by helping to design and install the perfect IT ecosystem to evolve and flourish with your business. We might renovate your existing system to better fit your present reality no matter how large or small it is.

We offer fully-managed IT services and will monitor your IT environment 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your business remains secure and compliant. We consider disaster recovery and work with you to find an ideal plan, which enables us to reduce downtime throughout the business.

We work behind the scenes to eliminate the annoying and expensive delays in business that downtime brings to your world. This can be particularly important if you have many end users in the field, and one of your key servers has issues. How does Fully-Managed IT work? We use cutting edge tools that identify problems before they happen, alert and dispatch our experts to employ any number of a variety of remedies. This can happen before it negatively affects your business. We also audit your systems to track changes and keep an accurate database of your inventories and staff.

AMS will also manage your software licensing. IT vendors, periodic reporting based on your short and long-term planning, and life-cycling reporting on all your IT equipment, including warranties.

We worry about IT so you don’t have to!