Network Upgrades

AMS provides full network upgrade plans for LANs (local area networks) and VPNs (virtual private networks).

According to TechTarget’s ITChannel, “Tomorrow’s network is not going to be plug-and- play like it has been in the past; now latency and switching performance are becoming important. As more and more items are layered on the IP network, it becomes more important than ever that you have switches and a network core that can support them.

Reliability is also a worthy reason for a network upgrade. As clients use multimedia and unified communications over IP such as telephones, IM and video, it is important that they have a reliable Internet connection and a high-functioning router.”

“In most cases, there are two reasons why organizations decide to upgrade or overhaul their network infrastructure,” says Sven Rasmussen, networking solution architect, CDW:

  • The business is expanding. Many business start small, both in numbers and in budget, and purchase basic IT equipment in the beginning to get it all off the ground. As they begin to expand, they realize their current network no longer fully supports their evolving needs.
  • They need to consolidate space and data. Whether an organization is downsizing or just trying to cut costs, virtualization is often a critical step in the consolidation process. Virtualization, however, drives significant increases in IT network traffic, and many organizations lack the network capacity to support virtualization. As a result, they have to upgrade their network infrastructure before implementing newer technologies, like desktop or server virtualization.
  • Establishing and maintaining reliable connections is critical to the success of any business. While some may opt for wireless over cabling due to purchase and installation cost advantages, it is not always the best solution. A wireless router can be an easy fix, but its total bandwidth is limited, making it unreliable for organizations that require high bandwidth.

    Most businesses reach a point when they need to move their computing technology to the next level. Whether that means upgrading the internal network or investing in a larger Internet pipeline, procuring the right level of Internet service for growing businesses is essential. Keep in mind that growing businesses will likely require more bandwidth and a more comprehensive network to account for increased network traffic.”

    Work with AMS to determine the answer to your expanding business’ needs, and we will help ease your growing pains.

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