New Installations

Is your corporate computer network the well-running, efficient, fast, and secure brain of your integrated operations? Is your home business running smoothly and efficiently because of the good choices you made about the equipment that fits your budget and works with your unpredictable lifestyle? Do you face a challenging project with IT or security requirements you find difficult to plan and implement? Do you have great IT that your grandkids enjoy?

AMS is here for you to assess your situation and help you plan your unique solutions. One size definitely does not fit all, and there are many options to choose from as technology grows and changes. Let us help you with the choices that make it all work. We’ll call upon our knowledge and many years of experience to move quickly to the answers you need.

We provide network installations and new setups from scratch, including planning, purchasing equipment, running cables, installing outlets, configuring servers, and testing.

Planning your business computer network for the greatest efficiency and ability to grow with your company is essential in our competitive world. You need expert guidance in this all-important area of business infrastructure. Each industry has its own growing demands in the areas of security, backups, recovery, storage, adding and training end users, and more. Having worked in so many areas, AMS understands these challenges.

Once the details of your network design are completed, you’ll receive a clear quotation of the plan you choose, and you will feel secure that your bases have been covered! After installation, our courteous and efficient technicians test their work on site and train you and your staff in any new software and hardware. After that, we are only a text or phone call away for help and clarification.

We take special care of each home business as well. With careful budgeting in mind, we’ll offer advice on well-priced equipment of special value for the home, work through your tricky installation problems, and pay special attention to security, including the latest and most effective anti-malware software. We’ll make sure you know how to use it all, and we’re always available to help you later.

We worry about IT so you don’t have to!