Supplemental IT

If your in-house IT staff needs occasional supplemental IT or part-time assistance, we can help. We enjoy collaborating with many of our clients’ tech teams in different ways, from the heavy work on big projects like installations and relocations, to network upgrades, to repairs.

We also perform server hosting, managed back-ups, and more.

Most businesses are finding it difficult to budget additional staff for a large IT department, even if they need it and their IT people are challenged with heavy workloads. AMS can add temporary help when necessary for special projects, like a company event that requires additional IT support, such as a room full of computers for a class, or additional remote camera security.

We can also assist your IT principals with day-to-day problems as they arise. Setting up and training new hires in the company software suite and equipment, troubleshooting software and equipment, upgrading multiple units in large companies, relocating departments or the entire business, and covering for vacationing or sick IT staff are some of the ways AMS Supplemental IT can work for your company.

We are always just a phone call away to help you fill in the gaps when needed. Your IT Specialist knows your system better than anyone. We’d like to meet with them to discover how it all works and how we can help. We value relationships with IT principals in our clients’ businesses. We have learned from their expertise and experience, and we respect their opinions.

When you need backup, call us at Advanced MicroSystems.

We worry about IT so you don’t have to!